Project Description

With Curly Hair, there is a definite loopy “S” pattern. When you stretch it outit looks like a stretched-out Slinky. Most people think curly hair is coarse, but actually it is usually baby soft and very fine in texture – there’s just a lot of it.

Curly hair isn’t as shiny as straight or wavy hair because the hair doesn’t have a smooth surface, so light doesn’t reflect off of it as much. When curly hair is wet, is usually straightens out, very characteristic.

As Curly Hair dries, it absorbs the water and contracts to its curliest state. Those of you with tight curls know all too well that humidity makes curly hair even curlier, or even frizzier.

Curly Hair has a lot of body and is easily styled in its natural state, or it can be easily straightened with a blow-dryer into a smoother style. Curly hair can be shiny, with soft, smooth curls and bouncy. Damaged curls tend to be frizzy and dry to the touch.